Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is a 3d Printing service that offers high-quality models and figures of 3d prints in resin or FDM composite (plastic). I started printing as a hobby a couple of years ago and has grown now into a small business. I am now an addict and don't know how I managed without one. It started with just one printer and now have a few and wanting more (",), although I may need a bigger house for more space. I may also need to persuade my wife to let me have more too .... wish me luck!

At the moment I'm enjoying making model characters, but I do many prints of different things. I've made unicorns for my girls, owls for my wife, and my nephew wanted fortnight things for his room. 

I have also printed some useful everyday things I have made some small desk tidy draws, pully hooks, a cooking measurement cube for my son for school. I've even made a paint potholder for my model paints.

 I'm printing high-quality 3D prints of both resin and FDM tabletop models. Specializing in fantasy and science fiction figures - 28mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm & busts

With my 3d printers, I have been able to make parts for blinds and camera tripods where the parts have not been obsolete or to buy have been pricey.  

I am able to make my own prints and designs or there are many websites with pre-made STL files available for download for a free or small fee to print at leisure.  I have posted on this site some prints I've designed myself and some I've downloaded. I have added the sites under the models.

 I will be donating 20%  of profits to the National Autistic Society as it is a charity that is close to our hearts as our 14-year-old son is on the autistic spectrum.