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Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem is a 3d Printing service that offers high-quality models and figures of 3d prints in resin or FDM composite (plastic). Specializing in fantasy and science fiction figures - 28mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm & busts. 


We can print many kinds of useful everyday things such as small desk tidy draws, pully hooks, cooking measurement cubes, paint holders, car parts/ accessories, engineering grade components,  etc.


We can design missing or broken parts which can be either impossible to get hold of or costly, such as parts for blinds, camera tripods, bolts, and obsolete parts and offer a prototyping service.  ​


We can make custom prints and designs or there are many websites with pre-made STL files available for download for free or for a small fee to print at leisure. 


We have a wide range of different prints on our site. Some are from downloads, and others from our own designs. I have added the sites under the models from which we have downloaded from. ​

After using these printers for several years and building a relationship with these manufacturers, we have agreed to sell these machines, as we can attest to the company's excellent customer service and amazing quality products. We have over 20 printers in our workshop that we use on a daily basis so we are well-equipped to help our customers and friends with any problems they encounter


We will be donating %  of the profits to the National Autistic Society as it is a charity that is close to our hearts as our son is on the autistic spectrum.

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