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Articulated Forest Dragon. High quality 3D printed fidget toy /ornament /sculpt


The articulated dragon 
Colours available are, RED, BLUE,ORANGE,GREEN (please not picture is for illustration purposes and is not an exact colour match to what is supplied) If you want a multi colour print like above there is an additional charge. Please contact us for more details.
Your dragon will stretch out and then curls happily around your hands. It is made of numerus separate pieces, all linked together during the 3D printing process, and moves through your hand like chunky chainmail.
No assembly required!
Optimised for quality rather than speed, this 3D print takes a long time to print – in excess of 13 hours – but the result is worth it; it looks amazing in real life.
It comes with the rocks as seen in the picture so that it can be beautifully placed to be a stunning ornament.
I am Seaside 3D – one of the few authorised UK sellers for these models – a portion of all our profits from our models go to support the National Autistic Society.
Not suitable for small children as parts can break off if handled roughly, and those parts could be a choking hazard.


Articulated Forest Dragon.

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